Research and Development

Fiber Highway is an experienced and knowledgeable company that has established its position as a reliable supplier of data networks. Our extensive experience in fiber network solutions means that we are able to cater to the requirements of different service providers. We have successfully participated in joint construction projects for data communication, electricity, and water networks, many in difficult-to-reach areas. We are constantly developing our company to meet both current and future needs. We want to tailor our services to the needs of our clients and use our skills to create service packages that improve the business of our partner companies. Contact us for more information »

IOT integration & M2M solutions

Together with our industry’s leading partners, we offer advanced solutions for business optimization. Information systems and M2M solutions are built for communications between objects, devices, machines, buildings or even entire cities. Sensors automatically collect data about the operating environment of devices. The collected data enables the optimization of objects and machines, it can be used to improve the company’s business operations. In order to use the data, it must be analyzed and processed into information.

The IoT (the Internet of Things) enables business operations and process optimization. Unnecessary work steps or maintenance visits can be reduced. Companies will be able to create new earnings models and new forms of business.


Data center maintenance & progress monitoring

A major key to successful project accomplishment is the ability to manage and track the working processes efficiently. As important is the easy communication in a project team between administration and field work. We are constantly working on developing these areas and are always pleased to work with creative companies and interesting projects to make the work more efficient and track the quality of the processes.

Companies who have new ideas for maintenance & progress monitoring and are looking for partnerships – let us know and let’s create something together!

Next generation infrastructure

Autonomous cars, surgeries made by artificial intelligence, flying vehicles and drones – all this is the nearest future that is waiting for us. With the enormous amount of such technologies, the world needs to have a new appropriate infrastructure to support a huge amount of data transmissions and energy consumption. These future needs are now open up new requirements for data-driven businesses.

What are the opportunities that can be created while faster and new forms of networks are being built? What kind of new solutions and service concepts can be used in the next generation society? If you are interested in searching for answers – let us know and we can create a smarter future together with you!




Johnny Holmström

Chief Business Development Officer
Fiber Highway Finland Oy