Data Center and Hardware

Data center installation in Finland – General info

We provide data center installation and cabling services in Finland, as well as installation of cable routes and equipment. Project managers, data communication experts and ICT installers are the backbone of our company. We have years of experience in providing data center installation & communication solutions and quality is at the core of our service.  Our experience of data center solutions for global service providers and working at sites requiring high quality brings added value to the design and implementation of data center projects. Our work covers all stages of data network construction, from design to testing and commissioning. Our company mainly operates in Southern Finland but are always happy to negotiate on projects in other regions. We are a flexible partner and can mobilize our expertise at a short notice when necessary.​

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Data center installation is Intended for

  • Service providers
  • Service operators
  • Companies wishing to establish their own data centers
  • Data communication companies

Benefits to Customers

  • Experience of global operating environments
  • A high standard of project management and documentation
  • Professional supervision and installation services

Our Services

  • Project management
  • Supervision
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Hardware installation
  • Assessment and planning
  • Splicing and terminating fiber-optic cables
  • Commissioning measurements
  • Documentation

Cabling and Data center installation

Data center cabling and installation is our forte and there is a great demand for that. Each network endpoint requires a computer or a data center where the data is stored for sharing with end users. Several hundred or even thousands of computers can be installed in one big room. The positioning of computers, cabling, use of floor space and cooling systems make up a complex network that requires precise planning and implementation. We connect the equipment as well as install computers and servers.

We deliver data communication solutions to almost anywhere; however, our main specialty is indoor connections – we focus on solutions around endpoints. Fiber Highway is international in its setup and work environment. Our cooperation with global service providers and companies wishing to establish their own data centers has deepened our expertise and guaranteed a solid basis for our business. A global reach brings added value to our data center projects. Experience of high-standard international projects has improved our competence – we have demonstrated that we are a reliable player in large-scale and demanding projects.

The development of our company and our services is one of our focus areas. We invest in continuous development to meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. We tailor our services to meet the requirements and wishes of our clients and implement comprehensive solutions that raise their business to the next level.

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