Fiber Network Installation

Data networks incorporate virtually everything that connects different computers to one another. Fiber Highway specialises in fiber optic technology and fiber network installation at high-security sites. High-speed transmission lines and networks as well as their reliable operation are factors that are common to all industries.

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Fiber network installation is intended for​

  • Data communication service providers​
  • Service operators​

Benefits to Customers​

  • A high standard of project management and documentation​
  • Skilled installation​
  • Extensive experience as a supplier of fiber solutions​

Our Services​

  • Initial investigations (choosing the optimal deployment technology)​
  • Evaluation of suppliers and content providers​
  • Cost estimate​
  • Project management​
  • Planning​
  • Instructions for and planning of material procurement​
  • Cable installation, connections, hardware rooms, hub units, circuit breakers and network terminals​
  • Installation of ducts (excavation works) as per agreement​
  • Delivery logistics management, including all materials​
  • Documentation​
  • Service and maintenance agreements​
  • Repairs​
  • Network testing and measurements (certified testing methods)

Our company provides installation services for data communication networks and smart devices

Fiber-optic technology is the undisputed king of data networks both in terms of speed and reliability. Our services cover all stages of network construction from design to fiber network installation and commissioning. Our special focus is in the construction of data networks for buildings and businesses. We have implemented extensive networks for notable IT companies.

Fiber Highway is an experienced and knowledgeable company that has established its position as a reliable supplier of data networks. Our extensive experience in fiber network solutions means that we are able to cater to the requirements of different service providers. We have successfully participated in joint construction projects for data communication, electricity, and water networks, many in difficult-to-reach areas.

We are constantly developing our company to meet both current and future needs. We want to tailor our services to the needs of our clients and use our skills to create service packages that improve the business of our partner companies.

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